But these companies do more than just store goods though since they can also undertake some of the splitting down of the loads and delivery of it onto buyers throughout the country.  Look for 'public warehouse' or 'fulfillment' online to see companies that do this kind of work.    Some companies deal specifically with edible goods or those that have to be kept fresh.  The storage facilities for these can be a little specialized so this could well take huge amounts of capital expenditure.  However, the third party companies specialize in this type of storage and may well have chilled rooms or industrial sized freezer rooms to keep all the goods in.  

If this is the case, companies can just hire the facilities as and when necessary.With fresh goods, speed is of the essence since the goods could well perish if they are not handled properly.  For example, if a company is bringing in some exotic fruit not grown in the country, it will need to store them and get them packed for onward delivery.  In the case of something like pineapples, they may well be brought in unripe so the buyer may have to hold them back for a week or so to facilitate the ripening process.  

If the originating company can get a good contract with overseas growers, for example, all he has to do is source buyers within the country so he could well just operate out of an office somewhere and have no storage facilities of his own at all. This is a superb way to do business of course since everyone is making a living at what they do best.  These third-party storage companies can be found online for businesses that are looking for specialized storage.

Getting them out too ripe will mean that the shelf life will be shortened and buyers will not pay much for fruit that has to be sold at a discount to get rid of them.Fish and poultry products too have to be handled with extreme care and bulk buys will often have to be split down into manageable loads.  If the owner is supplying restaurant or supermarket chains, he may well want to brand the goods too so that everyone knows who brought them in. These storage facilities often have sister companies that produce specialized packaging boxes too and they can all be ordered through the third-party company.